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歡迎您 來一起享受 愛的團契生活


願恩惠 平安,從父上帝

創世記12章記載:上帝指示亞伯拉罕說:“你要離開本地,本族,父家,往我所要指示你的地去”。 亞伯拉罕順 服,並開始了其前往應許之地的探險之旅。如同亞伯拉罕,十七世紀一群清教徒為尋求信仰的自由與更美好的 生活,也踏上了美國這片新大陸,為追尋夢想的實現,二十世紀我們也成為這國家的新移民,面對陌生的環境 語言與文化,我們歷經了許多的挑戰與艱困,但是也正因如此,我們更能體會上帝奇妙的帶領與豐盛的祝福。

因著亞伯拉罕對上帝的盡忠,他被稱為“信心之父”,在他一生之中不管遷往何處,他必定建祭壇來敬拜上帝。 同樣的,當清教徒在這塊土地安頓下來之後,他們首要之務就是建教堂,對上帝表達敬畏與感謝。於同樣的 理由,1994年IRVINE台灣基督長老教會成立了,我們使用我們最習慣的母語與方式來敬拜上帝,雖然我們尚未 有自己教堂建築物,但感謝 Geneva Presbyterian Church 慷慨的讓我們分享使用這美麗的教堂。

IRVINE台灣基督長老教會是個充滿愛的大家庭,我們展開雙手歡迎所有的朋友來加入我們的行列,在上帝的愛 與耶穌基督的恩典中,希望所有的弟兄姐妹能有更多的認識,也在人生的旅程中能因著彼此的扶持而走的更 有力更喜樂。

願上帝祝福您!! 主僕 李輔仁牧師 敬上

Welcome to ITPC!


Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Genesis chapter twelve states, The Lord had said to Abraham, “Leave your country, your people, and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” Abraham obeyed, and started his journey to the promised land. Similar to Abraham, the 17th century pilgrims, seeking religious freedom, as well as freedom from religious persecution, sought to immigrate to the Americas and begin new lives. And in the 20th century, we became the new immigrants in this country. As strangers in this new society, we faced many hardships and challenges. However, during this time, we also experienced God’s guidance and blessings.

Abraham was called the Father of Faith because of his devotion. Wherever he traveled, he would build an alter to worship and honor God. Similarly, after the pilgrims became self-sufficient, they would build churches in every city or community to express their thankfulness to the Lord. For the same reasons, in 1994, Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church was established. We use our own language and culture to worship God. Although we don’t have our own church building, we are thankful to Geneva Presbyterian Church and their generosity, allowing us to share their facility.

Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church is a family of love. I hope that all brothers and sisters can become acquainted with each other on a deeper level.

May God Bless You.

Pastor Albany Lee